Stand-up comedian. Writer. Poster child for light-skinned Black America. Leon Scott wears many hats atop that curly head of his. Along with being a glistening beacon of supple beige masculinity, Leon writes jokes for the 6AM CBS TV show  Get Up DC! hosted by Reese Waters on WUSA 9.

Leon is a co-founder of a series of comedy shows held at craft breweries called “The Power of Positive Drinking” and co-hosts the weekly “Attack of the Comics”  showcase in Washington, D.C. Leon is also a host and producer with Grassroots Comedy, a series of comedy shows that raise money for local and national cause-based organizations.

Leon’s irreverent sense of humor has been featured on CBSNPR, CNN, the Washington Post, The CW, and various commercials. Leon regularly shares his hilariously off-kilter thoughts onstage in cities across the country.

Starting out as a humor blogger, Leon won numerous Black Weblog Awards for his site, ListenToLeon. This led to his own column on King Magazine’s website called “Fine Sh*terature.” Leon soon made the move to stand-up and created what is still quite possibly the world’s only successful live comedic rant fest, “You Know What Really Grinds My Gears, a.k.a. Karaoke for Complainers.” He has gone on to host a multitude of comedy shows, appear in various commercials, and even modeled for Hennessy. Comedy has opened many a door for this extremely beige black man and the best is yet to come.


Whenever comedians introduce Leon Scott to take the stage, there is a 70% chance that they will make a joke about his skin complexion or ethnically ambiguous look. Almost all of them think they are the first ones to do it. Leon figured, “If folks are going to make light skinned jokes about me, I might as well own it. Literally.”

So he paid $7 for the URL and now we’re here.